Friday, July 29, 2011

The Call of the Wild Book Review

This is a pocket book version of the well-known novel by Jack London that I picked up in Kuching early this year. I must admit the book looks really neat and comfortable, and above all, the price is so cheap. I got it for 9.90RM which was around 3USD. I love the feeling of neat and smooth looking books like this. Maybe someday I will buy them all and put them in exhibit in my new book-shelf. That might make me look very educated in front of the others... (?!)

Well enough of crap. This book is amazing. Despite the fact that I have to skip through many many small details because of my limited vocabulary, I find Jack London's writing style is so complete. He makes small details and lanscapes look so real and stunning. All of these goodies can only come from a man who experiences it all out there. From what I know of Jack London's personal life, I am sure that most of what he wrote comes from his own real life experience, with so much survival wisdoms and details. Also, with his keen observation on dogs, Jack London is probably a big dog lover.

I like how he develops the character of Buck. We can see Jack in Buck. From a civilized dog from the quiet south at the beginning to a life hardened, strong and wise "Ghost Dog" at the end, Buck implies Jack London's life or at least what Jack London wants himself to be. This shows the real Jack London, a man with strong, straightforward and rebeling characteristics. Jack London is a volcano which always wants to explode, a man that desires to answer the call of the wild, a man that longs to become one with nature.

Another interesting thing in the novel is the detail showing how Jack London hates "civilized" men and their close-minded, arrogant way of behaving even when they come across something new and not familiar. Their self-deceiving arrogance finally makes them pay with their lives.

I think someday I will have to re-read the book again when my vocabulary levels up. For English learners like me, I think Jack London is a very suitable author to start up with.